WordPress Updates

wp19While it is important to keep your WordPress website up to date, it’s also very risky if you update without precautions.

The wordpress team incrementally fix and tweak the overall CMS functionality all the time. But the Major ones are when the Big(first) number Increments. (Eg: 3.4.1 -> 4.0.1) These can cause your site to stop working completely if you have fallen behind in keeping your site up to date in general(Your plugins and the WordPress version).


These need to be updated whenever a new update is released to ensure they do not provide loopholes in your website security and to ensure they are functioning at their best.

Sometimes plugins can conflict either with each other, or with your WordPress version. When they conflict with your wordpress version your whole website can appear as a blank page and you might not even be able to access your wordpress website login page.

Alternatively they can conflict with another plugin which may cause either one or both to stop working. Sometimes the use of these two plugins is necessary as their services are needed but there may be other plugins out there that can provide those same services if not better!


If you’re unsure about your website’s version and its plugin updates, I’m offering a FREE inspection to see if your website is in need of maintenance.

Simply get in contact to get started



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