Contact Form 7 – “Failed to send your message”

If you have been using the Contact Form 7 plugin within your website for quite a while now, or even if you have recently adopted the nifty plugin, you may or may not be aware that your form has suddenly stopped functioning as it used to. This is due to your configuration of the plugin.

The simple fix:

  1. Inside the form you wish to fix (To get here: select ‘Contact’ link in dashboard sidebar nav > click ‘edit’ link below the form you wish to edit)
  2. Once inside the ‘edit’ section of the form you will see a bar across the top like so, select “Mail”
  3. Inside “Mail” next to the From field.. add [your-email] (which will be the persons email who is filling in the form, or the domain email address its being sent from, your choice. You simply must have an email in the from field, rather than just the name.
  4.  Save and test your form – your form should be up and running again!


See the full announcement post from contact form 7 here