My name is Stephanie, I love all things to do with art and crafts. Immersing myself in creative hobbies in my spare time (drawing, painting, reading, writing, guitar, piano, knitting, sewing, paper craft, jewellery making, other handmade misc such as book binding, polymer clay sculpting and constructing dreamcatchers).

I started coding when I was in my first year of college. Using the internet as my vice to guide me and get me started, I began learning how to build websites. During my later years in college I took Design for 3 years and learnt the fundamentals of Design and Adobe Photoshop.

After my time in college I went to Media Design School, where I gained a Diploma of Digital Media. This experience updated my self taught skills in HTML & CSS to the latest standards and also vastly improved my overall Adobe suite skills.

I have since been a part of 2 start-up companies working on both websites and platform development/design. Many new skills were attained from these experiences; including git, frameworks, development software, etc.



Stephanie Derrick-Hardie